Swift Wart Therapy System

The Swift Wart Therapy System is a cutting edge technology designed to remove plantar warts. Plantar warts, which are located on the heels or other weight-bearing areas of the feet, are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus and are quite painful. Plantar warts grow deep into the skin and can have finger-like roots, making them difficult to treat from the surface.

How Warts Develop

The virus enters the skin of the sole during barefoot activities, especially when the skin is very moist. How quickly the wart naturally resolves depends on the age of the individual. The younger the individual, the sooner the wart will naturally regress.

Symptoms of Plantar Warts

Patients experiencing the following symptoms should visit their podiatrist:

  • Feeling of “painful pebbles” when wearing shoes
  • Pain when compressing the sides of the wart
  • Circular flat spot on the skin with a depressed area in the middle
  • Yellow spots with a crust
  • Small black dots
  • Lesion that is painful, bleeding or changes color
  • Wart that reoccurs or multiplies
  • Discomfort that inhibits daily activities
  • Poor sensation in the feet
  • Being unsure if the lesion is a wart

Most podiatry departments have a no treat policy, partly because of the low cure rates obtained by the generally available interventions. Thirty percent of warts resolve without treatment. This means any active treatment should demonstrate a significantly higher cure rate.

Common treatment methods include using a scalpel to rapidly and painlessly remove the overlying hyperkeratosis. This is often sufficient to reduce pain and discomfort until the wart naturally resolves. Research has shown that treating warts with salicylic acid offers a 62% cure rate. This treatment is recommended for younger patients, but patients with diabetes and peripheral arterial disease will need careful assessment. Other treatment methods include occlusion, cryotherapy, low level laser and surgical techniques.

Compared to other treatments Swift Wart Therapy is highly effective and rated favorable by patients:

  • 98% of patients continue daily tasks as normal post-Swift treatment
  • 95% of patients recommend Swift to a friend
  • 70% rated the treatment with a 10/10

Patients should speak to their physician to find out if Swift Wart Therapy could be an effective treatment option for them.

The system delivers low dose microwave energy through a specialized probe that targets and effectively treats the underlying HPV virus by stimulating a natural immune response in the body. Because Swift harnesses the power of the patient’s immune system to target the root cause of the wart, treatment is highly effective — especially when compared to other methods.

Individuals receive three to four treatments, spaced four weeks apart. Each treatment lasts five to 10 minutes and does not involve breaking the skin, administering anesthetic or applying bandages.

Patients may feel some discomfort as the microwave energy waves rapidly increase tissue temperature during a two second dose. However, the pain immediately subsides and there is very limited post procedural pain. Patients are able to resume daily activities immediately after treatment.

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