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Laser Fungus Treatment

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Fungal nails can be very difficult to treat. Several topical and even oral medications have been used to treat this common foot problem with varying degrees of effectiveness. Most topical medications are less effective, simply because they cannot penetrate the nail plate and treat the underlying fungal infection of the nail bed. Oral antifungal medications are more effective at targeting the fungal infection where it resides, but do present a risk for certain side effects.

Recently, breakthroughs in medical science have created a new therapy for treating fungal nails with laser technology. There are many advantages with this new laser therapy. It is extremely effective at targeting the fungal infection and is virtually pain free. The laser therapy can also be performed in a matter of minutes and often only a single treatment is necessary.

Laser therapy for fungal nails is currently available in our office. Please call to speak to our staff, who would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this exciting new treatment.

Laser Fungus new - Laser Fungus Treatment

Before and three months after treatment.

445 fungus - Laser Fungus Treatment
fungus after - Laser Fungus Treatment

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