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  • Most Common Podiatric Ailments

    The study and practice of podiatry are known to have taken place across many generations. For instance, treatment of foot problems has existed even in the era of the Pharaohs. This practice can also be traced back to the era of Hippocrates (also known as the father of western medicine). This Greek physician emphasized the

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  • Avoiding Amputation for Diabetic Patients

    After diagnosis, diabetics are faced with a variety of lifestyle modifications to avoid further health risks. The most common modifications include dietary changes, daily blood glucose monitoring, medication administration and foot care. Uncontrolled diabetes can affect blood circulation and can even damage the nerves, which can lead to a decrease or loss of sensation in

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  • Is Barefoot Running Right for You?

    The human foot is designed to function efficiently without shoes. Barefoot running is a common preference for many amateur and professional runners who wish to adopt a more natural approach to leg and foot movements. The main difference between shoe-covered running and barefoot running is that feet strike the ground at the forefoot (just under

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  • 3 Best Foods for Foot Health

    Having healthy, pain-free feet are the solid starting point for health. When your feet are achy, inflamed, and tired, it can make it difficult to reach your fitness goals or even complete your regular daily duties. There are several foods that can enhance foot health and be used as a springboard for great overall health

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  • Preventing Running Injuries

    Running injuries are common among the top athletes, leisure runners and weekend warriors. When you are using running as a way of increasing your physical activity level, keep in mind these three methods of preventing future injuries to your foot and ankle. If you do develop an injury, a podiatrist can offer helpful treatment options

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  • Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

    Toenail fungus is an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing condition. The fungus thrives in the warm, moist, and dark environment that surrounds your toes. It is a common condition that starts off as a white or yellow spot on, under, or to the side of your toenail. As the fungus grows deeper into the nail, it

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  • Minimally Invasive vs. Invasive Treatments for Feet

    Often a last resort unless there is a pressing medical emergency, foot surgery is usually recommended to restore functioning of some part of the foot or ankle or correct a foot deformity or source of persistent pain. Surgical treatments can be either invasive, referring to traditional open surgery procedures, or minimally invasive. Here’s what you

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  • understanding-haglunds-deformity-dr-salma-aziz

    Understanding Haglund’s Deformity

    Haglund’s deformity is characterized by a prominent bump situated at the back of the calcaneus, commonly referred to as the heel bone. The Achilles tendon attaches calf muscles at the back of your leg to the heel bone. A small sac of tissue, called a bursa, allows the tendon to glide against the bone as

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  • Diagnosing Plantar Fibroma

    Occurring between the skin and the first layers of muscle in the arch of the foot, plantar fibroma is a knot, or nodule, that is sometimes embedded in a thick band of tissues running from the heel to the base of the foot. This benign (non-cancerous), round or oval-shaped mass can affect the natural curvature

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  • The-Basics-of-Peroneal-Tendon-Injuries-Dr-Salma-Aziz

    The Basics of Peroneal Tendon Injuries

    The foot has two peroneal tendons that run side-by-side along the ankle. One of the tendons attaches at the outside middle of the foot and the other attaches to the foot’s arch. These tendons work to keep your ankle stable so that you do not twist and sprain it. The peroneal tendons can experience acute

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