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Custom Orthotics

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foot orthos5 - Custom OrthoticsFoot orthotics are specialized foot inserts that can be used to treat a variety of foot problems, including collapsed arches, heel pain, calluses, and much more. At our office, we custom make our foot orthotics to address each individual patient’s needs. Our foot orthotics also differ from other over-the-counter foot inserts and even most custom foot orthotics, because they are made utilizing the neutral suspension technique.

This technique captures the foot in a suspended position, allowing the mold to reflect the foot’s optimum position without any weight bearing forces acting upon it. These special molds are then sent to a lab with a specific prescription to create the custom foot orthotics. Several different varieties of orthotics can be made to fit into different shoes, so treatment plans can be tailored to fit several types of lifestyle or athletic goals. Scheduling a consultation appointment is the first step to see if foot orthotics could benefit you! Call our office and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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