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Learn more about plantar warts and their symptoms and treatment options.

A wart is an infection that causes a rough growth on the skin’s surface. The infection develops as a result of a virus that can enter the bottom of your foot through small cuts. Young people and those with weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to warts. Your chances of developing warts are also higher if you spend time barefoot in moist settings, like:

  • Public showers
  • Locker rooms
  • Gyms



Warts can be spongy and have red, black, or brown spots. They can occur alone or in clusters, and often reoccur in the same spot. They are typically an inch or more across.


If left untreated, warts can spread to other parts of the foot. They are removed with small instruments as a part of a quick, in-office procedure. A local anesthetic is used to lessen pain.