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What is Tendonitis?

A common source of foot pain, tendonitis is the result of irritation or inflammation of the tendons—strong bands of tissue that connect bone to muscle. This condition usually occurs due to injury or overuse that causes tiny tears and damage, but certain conditions, like flat feet, can also result in tendonitis. Any tendon in the foot can be affected and lead to conditions like extensor tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis.


Symptoms of tendonitis vary depending on the tendon that is affected. Common symptoms include:

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  • Inflammation
  • Pain – sharp or burning, and can spread to a larger area and worsen throughout the day
  • Swelling – a soft lump may form over the affected tendon
  • Stiffness


It can take two to three months to fully recover from tendonitis. There are two approaches to treatment.

  • The first step is reducing the swelling and pain through the R.I.C.E. method (rest, icing, compression, and elevation). This allows the foot to heal and also helps to prevent further damage.

If your tendonitis is caused by an underlying condition, such as flat feet, that condition will need to be addressed in order for tendonitis to completely heal.

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