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Plantar Fibroma

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What is Plantar Fibroma?

Plantar fibroma is a fibrous knot located in the arch of your foot, embedded in the plantar fascia. This condition can develop in one or both feet, and it is unknown what exactly causes them, although genetics may cause a role. The knot can increase in size over time, and more than one can develop.


Common symptoms of plantar fibroma include:

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  • A knot in the arch that is firm to the touch
  • Intermittent pain, especially when shoes press against the lump, or when walking or standing barefoot


Treatment is required in order for plantar fibroma to resolve. Some treatment options are:

  • Steroid injections and medications to reduce pain
  • Orthotics to relieve pain by redistributing weight
  • Surgical treatment to remove the knot may be necessary if pain is not resolved through other methods

There is a high recurrence rate with plantar fibroma, so follow-up with your foot doctor is very important.

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