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Calluses And Corns


Learn more about calluses and corns and the associated symptoms and treatment options.

Calluses and corns occur when your skin is reacting to pressure, friction, or injury. Over time, as your foot rubs against pressure from an object like a shoe, the outer layer of skin thickens. This reaction occurs as the skin dies and creates a protective surface. Corns are similar to calluses, except they have an inner core that can be soft or hard.

  • Calluses and corns are usually not painful
  • They are very common with people who are active or frequently do repetitive actions



Corns and calluses are very normal, however if they grow large enough to cause pain, you should consult a doctor. Some symptoms include:

  • A thick, rough area of skin on your foot
  • A hardened raised bump between your toes
  • Tenderness or pain under the skin of your foot
  • Flaky, dry, waxy, yellow or grayish skin


The symptoms of corns and calluses can be reduced through footwear modifications, doctor treatment or surgery. Symptoms can be reduced by:

  • Changing shoes – If your shoes have too little toe room, too much toe room, or pinch other parts of your foot, you should have your doctor help you find shoes that fit properly.
  • Custom orthotics – Custom-made shoe inserts can be prescribed to reduce friction and pressure.
  • Trim away outer layers of skin – Your doctor may trim away layers of skin that are part of the corn of callus.
  • Surgery – If you are experiencing corn or calluses because of a greater problem like a bone or joint that is out of place, your doctor may perform surgery to correct the issue.