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What are Bunions?

A bony bump that appears at the base of your big toe (and rarely on your little toe), a bunion is caused by improper foot mechanics, arthritis, or an injury. If your foot is flattened too much, the toe joint moves beyond its normal range and causes a bunion. If you are prone to bunions, wearing high heels or poorly fitted shoes can make the problem worse.


Not all bunions cause symptoms, but some of the possible symptoms include:

  • Pain while wearing shoes
  • Thick, red skin on the inside edge of the big toe


The right treatment for you depends on the severity of your bunions. Your doctor might suggest:

  • Custom orthotics – These shoe inserts can correct the foot mechanics that might be causing your bunions.
  • Surgery – A minimally-invasive procedure might be performed. There are a few different types of surgery that could work for bunions, including realignment of the affected joint or repairing the tendon and ligaments around the big toe.
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