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Athlete’s Foot

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What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection that is caused by fungus. This type of infection can actually occur anywhere on the body, but is called athlete’s foot when it occurs on the feet. Your feet are especially susceptible to infections caused by fungus because fungus thrives in dark, warm, and moist environments, like shoes, and is readily encountered in pools, showers, and locker rooms. It is also more common in warm weather due to increased sweating.

Athlete's Foot


  • Itchy, dry, and scaly skin on the soles of the feet and between the toes
  • Fungus can spread to toenails if not treated
  • In more severe cases, cracks, blisters, inflammation, and infection can occur


  • Anti-fungal creams, powders, and sprays can help treat the infection
  • You can keep your feet clean and dry to help prevent the spread of the infection
  • Change your socks during the day if you tend to sweat a lot

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